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We'll be ending 2022 with our New Year's Eve Gala, hibernating for the month of January and returning Wednesday, February 1st.  

holiday hours 

at our bars:

Both bars will be closed 

 on Thursday, 11/24,

Saturday, 12/24,

 Sunday, 12/25.

 416 e state st

Fridays & Saturdays


21 & over

first come, first serve 

check out our public events page for our live music nights!

bar patrons parking info: 

We have limited parking! 

Most of our lot is reserved for overnight Inn guests.

You're best bet is Seneca St parking garage

& True Insurance (after 5pm only)

The Argos Warehouse is the sister property of the Argos Inn, expanding upon the services of the cocktail-centered Bar Argos by focusing on distinctive classic cocktails, local draft beers, extended hours, and a larger venue for private events.


The Warehouse is warm, lush, industrial, eclectic and beautiful. The space is filled with custom made 19’ velvet couches, repurposed 19th century industrial tables, a plethora of exotic rugs, a bar made from copper and wood with hand carved moroccan details, an array of hanging plants, and a large collection of art and decor from local and international artists.

The majority of parking in the Argos Inn lot is reserved for overnight Inn guests and patrons requiring accessible parking.  Nearby parking is available in the Seneca Street Garage and the True Insurance lot on Seneca St, after 5pm.


fall/winter 2022 menu

argos warehouse

argos warehouse

argos warehouse

argos warehouse

argos warehouse

argos warehouse

18% service fee  added to  all checks.  

despite the increased risks of working in the hospitality industry during the pandemic, the bar staff saw  a significant decrease in tips.  therefore, we now  adjust  all checks to reflect  an 18% service fee, unless  a guest has  already  applied  an 18% or more gratuity.  100% of this service fee is for the staff.